Poetry: A Step in My Shoes

I stand back, away from all of you

You have no idea, no clue

The agony going on in my mind

The racing and anxious thoughts you would find

If you took a step in my shoes

Then maybe you’d understand that this is a little more than just the blues.


Take a step or two inside

Find out what makes me isolate and hide.

Stigma, Judgment, Insecurity and shame…

I assure that this is not some attention attention seeking game.

That I would never voluntarily choose to play

As I attempt to continue living on the Path, my way.

Poem by me.


Today I May Grow and Bloom…A Poem

Just musings going through my head.  A rough draft if you will.


Today I may grow and bloom

Tomorrow I may be filled with gloom

My mood shifts from day to day

Leaving me without words to say.

So much I wish I could express

Without leaving someone else a mess.

I crawl deeper and deeper within

Fearing that one day one of these retreats will win.

Desperation fills my soul

Like tears gathering in a howl.

When will the pain end I often ask…

Maybe when I stop pretending and take off my mask.