When I stopped smoking I knew it would be hard. I was making the choice to stop at the time for several reasons…money, health, problems with a neighbor, and so the list went. I used an free app called Smoke Free which was encouraging and showed you your progress as time accumulated. This morning was tough though when I could find my friend and when I finally found her she was vaping in her car secretively. I had to say I couldn’t be around vaping this past week and it was a hard decision. I didn’t know if I would lose old friends because of it. In AA/NA you àre warned that you will have to find new friends, new hangouts, and build new habits to break addictions. There is nothing harder than trying to quit 🚬 smoking when someone is constantly lighting up around you. I’m sad my friend felt the need to hide today but also glad she respected me and what I was trying to do. Change is never easy. I have a lot of respect for people with addictions who have managed to break free of their addictions. But for the grace of God go I. 💜☮️🌼☔Wendy

Changing our playgrounds, playmates, and playthings.

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