Sadness, grief and worry


Tonight I write with a heavy heart. My nephew’s best friend died by suicide today. He is hurting with a pain that is inconceivable to many people. This is a pain we now share. Tonight as I spoke with him I realized how many hurtful comments I have heard when I lost a friend in my life to suicide. Most of these came from individuals who did not understand mental health issues and the pain one feels when they are experiencing suicidal ideation. Even though I have gone through a number of deaths by suicide, I could only tell my nephew to ignore the words that are offensive and cherish the memories of his friend in his heart. I am more worried about keeping my nephews and niece alive who are impacted by this death. Suicide contagion is very real and very serious and my nephew already has suffered from a mood disorders. I worry about his life after this experience.

There are no easy words for those suffering with suicidal thoughts. You are more than your depression. It may not feel like it but you are. If in a mixed state, you are more than your present mood state. You are enough. You are lovable.

There is hope. It might come in the smallest thing. For me it was a song called “Swim” by Jack’s Mannequin. Find it, hold onto and don’t give up.

7 thoughts on “Sadness, grief and worry

  1. My heart goes out to all of those impacted by this. So very sorry for the pain also that this person was going through. My only sibling died by suicide and my life has been forever changed. Much love 😢♥️


      1. It is a very scary time for them and for you who will lose sleep worrying about them. If there is a survivors support group try to get them going. There was so much shame with my brothers suicide, my family refused to acknowledge him and his death or life. I was on my own and decades later struggle with surviving. Everyone that can or will— talk about it. 😢


      2. Thank you Mandy. One thing I do know is that my nephew will be supported by my family in this. I just pray that he will accept the support being offered to him. I am not sure if there are any survivors support groups around where he lives. Right now we are praying our way through and utilizing the resources in place. No one should suffer alone. Thank you for caring and I am so sorry for your lost as well. 🧡🌼🐝🐢 Wendy

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      3. Wendy, I hope you will call the National Suicide Hotline

        They are an amazing resource for people who are worried about a loved one as well as giving you ways to support a person, like your nephew, who has experienced the loss of a loved one to suicide. They understand trauma. The best thing would be if he could get to a place where he would give them a call, but pressure from loved ones could be too much for him. The hotline will tell you what to do.

        My heart and hurt are with all of you. I will be keeping you in my thoughts. 🌹

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