The morning news…

Well, I have to have a release to work to return to work. I couldn’t go in anyway because I still have a stupid fever which keeps spiking up high and then will go back down to a low grade fever. It wouldn’t be too bad, but my leg hurts really bad today. It has been the most painful process of the last four to five months. So not fired yet. My mood is better today. I, also, chose to reinitiate the larger dose of my antidepressant for now. I can try again in the summer if I want when we have good weather and I can get out and exercise every day.

So, for now I am waiting on my doctors office to call me back and speak to me about how cruddy this undulating fever is as well as the pain.

Peace and gratitude be yours today


5 thoughts on “The morning news…

      1. If you should lose your job and income, there is a social safety net provided by Social Security. As a social worker yourself, you are probably aware of this. I certainly hope you get better, and that you are not offended by my bringing this up. I’m just speaking from the personal experiences that I have as a disabled person. Thanks for the update, and I hope you get well soon. I’ll be looking forward to your next blog post, if you decide to write one. Take care.

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      2. Thanks Tom. Teaching this point took some humulity on my part. I am now faced with spending my entire retirement funds before before I will be entirely will take me a year to do but I have a good feeling about my ability to abtain SDDI benefits after talking to my doctors and such so no offense taken. I can even continue to work part-time time if I choose to. That would be nice.

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