When social workers are human…

I had previously shared that I was going through side effects from the SSRI antidepressant med that I was taking about two weeks ago, my psychiatrist said my options were to discontinue that med, lower the dose of the med by half, or learn to live with the side effects. I thought I was making a good choice by staying on the med but just reducing the dose in half. I was wrong. It has taken about 10 days for my mood to tank and crash. I’m doing what I can to work with my therapist as a number of situational things have happened this week as well. I am a firm believer in seasoned therapists for people who work in the mental health field. We see and hear indirect and direct trauma throughout our day. We need therapists who can not talk shop with us, cut to the chase when we dance around core issues (and, boy do mental health workers have the moves!), and many other things. It is imperative to someone who also has mental health issues. It took me forever to find a good therapist and that I felt like I was actually accomplishing something with and could be totally honest with without any fancy dance moves because I work in the mental health field. I am grateful beyond belief for her.

So messing with an antidepressant (which is taken with an atypical mood stabilizer) is still a bad idea for me. Everyone around me voted to increase the dose back to where it was before because I have so many situational stressors going on that even if I could do it, the timing is awful especially with Daylight savings time starting this week.

I do want to make sure that everyone knows I have a safety plan and I am down, discouraged, and been physically I’ll but have made steps with my therapist to follow that plan.

Due to infection, I apologize for being so scattered in this post. I feel like I took a few 🐰 bunny trails. Hopefully I will make more sense as time goes on.


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