Another trip to the doctor…

I have never been a fan seeing physicians. Since October I feel like I deserve frequent flyer points due to trying to keep infections at Bay and from destroying my immune system. The only thing I dislike more than going to the doctor…is the hospital. It’s full of them.

I woke up with a bump on my head this morning. The last time this happened it nearly put me in the hospital because the infection spread so fast. I am still bald from it even after it healed which took months. I was told to call the doctor’s office and be seen right away. Grrrrr. Nothing like your day getting thrown into disarray. The plan is to open up the bump/lump and do a culture and a biopsy. There is a type of lymphoma that is follicular. I will add these are super painful and I wouldn’t wish them on anyone. So I am sitting and waiting in the doctors office now for the doctor to come in and do her thing. Hopefully it’s not too painful and it will be over soon.

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