Time out

Took today off work to recover. My mental health has been hanging on by a thread at times since starting the Prozac. It hasn’t helped that the Prozac made me so nauseous the first week and I actually felt like my level of depression worsened after starting it. My therapist thought that it was because I was no longer fixated on suicide and everything else was able to enter into my thinking. I have not done much of anything except work or sleep since the last few weeks because of my level of depression. My psychiatrist thinks that I need the sleep to catch up on the sleep I missed when I was on steroids. Yesterday we finally compromised and increased the Prozac to see if it will lift my mood without making me mania. Hopefully, the increase will not result in another round of nausea though. SSRI’s are not my friends. Also, with the malabsorption issue I have it sometimes takes a higher dose of medicine to be effective. I am willing to try anything at this point to be able to function better. I feel like a failure on so many levels right now. Even the smallest of tasks feel overwhelming. I don’t want to end up in the hospital. I feel like that is just a waste of time and puts my job at risk. I knew I needed a break today though and called in sick for a mental health day.


One thought on “Time out

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