Returning to rational thinking

The new meds are starting to kick in and my thoughts have been less obsessive and no more active suicidal ideation. My mood seems like it is more dysthymic on a steady basis which has left me quieter than usual and making others around me more concerned. Treating the OCD symptoms has had the added benefit of reducing my overall anxiety level. I never really thought much about my OCD symptoms until I started my relationship with my partner this summer. I hadn’t really considered how much it was impacting my life and manifesting itself as other things such as anxiety and ADHD without the hyperactivity. I actually have felt more relaxed since starting the med to treat the OCD than I have in in a very, very long time. It comes with a small price though…the med is causing me to get pretty sick after I take it every morning for a few hours. This is a historic problem that I have had with this class of medications. I know it will eventually go away. If it continues to work and eventually lifts my mood as well l think that it will be worth it in the end.

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