Strengths based recovery.

Sometimes when I struggle it helps me to go back to the begonning. In recovery that is identifying my strengths and listing them out in each area of my life so I am not weighed down by all the deficits I see in front of me that I feel like I am failing at. I have a sheet that I hand to a few close friends when depressed that let’s them identify what they think my strengths are and give positive feedback as well at a time that I tend to be suspicious and paranoid about what others are truly thinking about me. The sheet entails many areas. On my worst days I can return to their input and see positive qualities that they see in me when I struggle to see them in myself.

It is important to stay focused on your strengths during the recovery road. Otherwise your deficits will feel like heavy burdens. What become what we think we are..

I have many positive traits and characteristics but I haven’t been seeing them lately. I have been hyperfocided on the areas in which I feel like I am failing or somehow missing the mark.. I am no where’s near where I need to be yet but I now know where I need to start. Recovery is so important if you want to get your life back on track. I needore than unmanageability.

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