R and R

Spending resting and relaxing today. Last night I finally slept more than a few hours for the first time this week after finally taking a prn med for mixed or manic states for situations like being on steroids. Last night I ate dinner before crashing. The next task is a shower. While these may seem like such simple tasks they can become overwhelming when someone becomes depressed or in a mixed state who is diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.

I am slowly putting my feet back underneath me after a pretty intense period of instability. If you don’t know the risks of taking steroids with a mood disorder I strongly encourage you to educate yourself about it… especially if you have been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. I hope that is a very long time before I have to go through this again. I cannot handle being on steroids for such a long time and unfortunately six weeks of intermittent use was enough to destabilize my mood to the point of nearly ending up in the hospital. It is a serious issue for all to be aware of even if the steroids are the inhaler type.

So my thought processes are still a little slower than usual and more guarded. Hopefully things will continue to improve as I wait for my appointment with the psychiatrist on Tuesday afternoon.

I appreciate everyone’s support during this time as I have shared my struggles on my blog. I needed to decompress somewhere and let out the fear I was feeling. I know I will be okay eventually and back to myself. I apologize if I made anyone worry. Sometimes we all go through dark moments. I just poured mine out on my blog the other night when feeling so alone in it physically.


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