Dietician update

I haven’t written much about seeing my dietician or my eating disorder because of how hard it is deal with being on Prednisone the last six weeks intermittently for health reasons and missing appointments with the dietician due to health and work issues. I have been yo-yoing back and forth with food and eating since returning to work in August. I have a hard time getting meals in while working. It is hard not to skip meals. Since being on steroids I have gained weight and I hate it. I attempt to accept the fact that it is the Prednisone that has caused the weight gain and not freak out about it but I still do. I don’t have an appointment at the dietician now until the 15th. I can say that I am not making bad choices with food and have been “eating normal” for past. I know I need to meet with the dietician regularly though to maintain and not fall back into bad habits right now. Finding the time is hard is difficult with my work schedule the way it has been since September though. So much for work accommodations. Ce’ late.

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