Too much

Can’t sleep. Plagued by stinking thinking and endless coughing fits. Trying to think about working tomorrow for at least a while. I have paperwork that needs to be turned in. I have been trying not to get in a funk that I can’t get out of. But I know that this pneumonia thing scares the crap out of me. I hate fear. It makes my mind go places that are not okay to visit. I feel alone. I had been feeling like I was doing better and now that makes me feel like maybe that was just an illusion.

I feel like I have made so many mistakes lately. I miss keeping up my blog but haven’t had the time to balance my work schedule, commute, relationship, and little bit of me time that I get while fighting to stay well the last three weeks. I am horrible at technology and it takes me forever to write a post. I miss interacting with my readers and other bloggers. Somehow I have to find more balance in my life for everything I love.


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