Relationship give and take

I feel like there is so much I have to learn about the give and take of relationships. Tonight I feel like I have been selfish since going back to work because it has been such a struggle. I missed cues that my significant other was struggling this afternoon while I was at work cleaning up messes from while I was on my medical leave.

I hate feeling so wrapped up in my job that I miss things. I feel torn about who I can ntake care of and when. Even meeting my own needs working in a challenge. Tonight I f3el like an utter failure probably from lack of sleep Sue to roo many teips to the ER lately I have not slept well all week since going back to work

Partially because of physical symptoms until partially due to an allergic reaction to a med to treat those symptoms. But I know in my heart that being tired is the worst time to question myself about where things are at right now

Praying things start feeling better soon.


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