Swedish quote about love that fits for today…

“As you awaken,  you will come to understand that the journey to love isn’t about ‘finding the one,’ the journey is about becoming ‘the one.'”        Swedish quote, Source unknown

This quote helps me with some of the confusing thoughts that I was having earlier today.  It puts them into perspective for me and makes sense of what I have been feeling the last few weeks as I attempted to allow myself to regain the parts of my personality that I cherish and let them show through on the blog without being ashamed of them…my sense of humor, my faith, my sensitivity, my love for others, the dog-lover in me,  the creative side of my personality… all the things I’ve kind of kept buried under a rock for the last several years as I isolated from everyone outside of work.

I have not allowed for love in my life because I was not feeling lovable.  I was not feeling lovable because I was not being true to who I was as a human being.  I am sure to come up against some rejection as I allow myself to become more and more vulnerable with others and begin to develop relationships on all different levels…but I can at least rest at night and be content within myself that I am becoming my authentic sense without shame.


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