Red Bull…Ugh


Yesterday, I broke a promise to myself which was to never have an energy drink.  There were reasons why the energy drink were needed as I needed to become more alert before attempting to drink home from a friend’s house.  But I said that I would never try one because I had a feeling that it would be something tempting to use on a regular basis.  Now I am not sure.

I drank the sugar free kind…my friend described it as tasting like baby tylenol.  I describe it as tasting nasty…LOL.  It was all I could do to finish the darn can.   However, that being said, the darn thing did the trick and I was alert and awake within a very short amount of time. No wonder people are drinking these nasty drinks.  I sure hope the other flavors taste better than the sugar free version.  Geesh.

Pic by Pixabay

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