Meds, desires, and doctors


I am fighting a battle within myself.  I have been fighting low blood pressure and they have been trying to eliminate sources of the problem within my medications.  Some of the main antagonists seem to be my meds from the neurologist which I don’t feel are necessary and are overkill when it comes to being prescribed.  I see him in two weeks.  He prescribes two meds.  I want off at least one of the two. (I decreased the amount of the one because of the low blood pressure and have been doing fine on the lesser amount.)  The problem comes in as they are both considered mood stabilizers (albeit generally not considered good ones by themselves.)

So today, I sent an email to my psychiatrist that I wanted off at least one of them and wanted to decrease another psych med again that we were already in the process of reducing due to the hypotension.  We’ll see what her response is…could be that she thinks I’m nuts right now.  I don’t like feeling so stoned by the meds that I can’t wake up enough to deal with any situation that may arise at my house during the night and I generally am alone there most of the time.  I feel pretty freaked out by that right now. Hopefully, she will get that.  One of the meds prescribed by my neurologist potentiates the effect of other meds, meaning makes them stronger, and that is feeling like the last thing I need right now.

I am hoping the psychiatrist will support me in wanting to sleep like other people do.

2 thoughts on “Meds, desires, and doctors

  1. That’s the big issue with being under meds for depression. They seem to take your energy to not feel bad with depression, and the energy to keep moving forward in your life doing what needs to be done.


    1. I don’t want to mess around with my primary mood stabilizer and anti-depressant because overall I am happy with the energy level that I’ve had the last couple of months. I just want to feel safe when I sleep and not worry about being out and oblivious to the world due to being over medicated. I hope you can find the right med for you. It just takes time…sometimes a long time to get it right. Wendy


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