Never to small to have an impact


I don’t know about you but I hate when there is a mosquito buzzing around me when I am trying to sleep.  One mosquito can have a huge impact.  So can one person.

Even on my worst of days I don’t know whose life I may or may not impact.

Some times the simple choice to get out of bed and blog can touch a person I do not know and I may never know.  It does not need to be perfect.  My grammar may not have everything right. If I am using my smart phone I can guarantee that there will be spelling errors for a while longer as I adjust to the keypad as I stink at using it but you generally can make out the content of what I am trying to say to you through the garbled text.

I am still choosing to be a mosquito in the room.

A little over 5 weeks ago, I wasn’t so sure I was worth being a mosquito in the room to anyone.  I was busy planning exit strategies to squish the mosquito because I thought I was poisonous to everyone around me.  Instead I chose to start collecting quotes on hope and hanging on when it felt impossible.

I have come a long way in the last few weeks.  Each week a little stronger and a little more confident in my ability to be a mosquito.

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