A poem to someone who needed to know regarding my eating disorder…

Today someone said I looked thin

I looked into the mirror again

I cannot seem to see what they saw.

I only see a body with one humongous flaw


I see the scale reducing numbers and wonder where they went…

As my clothes looser fitting as time is spent.

I should be able to see it when i look into the mirror…

Instead all inside of me is lost in a storm of fear.


You can’t bring yourself even to talk about it…

I want to tell you that it is getting worse bit by bit.

Pretending that it doesn’t exist

Will only make me rebellious and persist.


Despite the others who keep warning me

pointing out the signs to see

That danger is lurking close by

And my food restrictions and issues way too high


I cannot make myself be around food

It causes me to panic and feel I’m no good.

I want to run away as fast as I can…

But discussing eating disorders is obviously a ban.

Poem by me.

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