Waiting for my therapy appt…Not sure how it’s going to go today. I usually write for my therapist but have spent more time blogging than actually writing on paper. Gave her the link to the blog last session so she may want to talk about some of the posts. We have never talked about food issues in therapy and how iseem to struggle with food more while in therapy. It could be a good but very tough session today. She’s the best therapist I have ever worked with so I have confidence that it will hopefully work it’s way out in the end. My dietician said she was going to call her yesterday when I saw her so it definitely could be interesting.

We have a boundary about not talking about medical stuff except for feelings related to them. I feel confused sometimes where that puts an eating disorder at. I was not struggling with it nor had I relapsed yet when I first started seeing her so I didn’t mention the eating disorder at that time. Probably my fault for the confusion. Plus I feel like I am doing better with it this week but it has only been a week. I still did not get on the scale yesterday. I probably won’t until my doctor’s appointment on the 16th. Too big of a trigger!

Wish me luck.


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