Swedish Proverbs 1.6


“He who buys what he does not need steals from himself.” Swedish Proverb

When I fist found this proverb I used it to curtail my spending sprees when hypomanic to manic.  If you are Bipolar, you probably know what I mean and have been there.  They are easy to fall trap to very easily and before you know it you have a $5,000 credit card balance or more going in a very short time.  For me it only took two month to spend that amount and I tend to think of myself as a tight wad.

There are times that I still struggle but don’t really keep a credit card anymore and pretty much have a little amount of cash each pay period that I have to work with and when it’s gone it is gone. Every once in a while I will make splurge buys and my friends who are with me will ask “do you need that or do just want that?”  If hypomanic or manic, it tends to piss me off a bit but I know that they are doing it out of love.

There is nothing worse than trying to recover from the financial losses of a manic spending spree.  You have to face the music of having done it, then you have to clean up the financial mess you created while attempting to afford your medications, doctors, therapy, etc.  It is almost more than some people can bear.  It can devastate your personal life, lead to bankruptcies, lost homes, etc.  I have watched and seen it all.  I, somehow, have escaped with only minor scrapes and bruises compared to others that I know.





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