Swedish Proverb 1.4


Tomorrow I see the dietician again.  I have been making healthier choices regarding food but I am nervous because I, also, know that I have gained a few pounds back from eating this past week and not exercising due to my low potassium level and the excessive heat wave we have been having.  I know that if I have to get on the scale tomorrow it will be a huge trigger.   I have only been making good food choices for about five days now.

So a small worry casts a huge shadow for me regarding tomorrow’s appt with the dietician.  I, also, talked to the medical social worker about the dietician in the same office about the dietician not asking me the tough questions directly and the medical social worker said that she would talk to her despite the fact I said that I wanted to try to do it myself first before she intervened.  I think that she knew how hard it is for me not to be cryptic when not asked questions directly based on our long term relationship.

My PCP asked for weights to be done at each of my dietician appts.  I got out of the last time because I had had three doctors’ appts in the week before.  I doubt if I can get out of it tomorrow without flat out refusing to do it which will go over like a lead balloon.  If only it would not trigger a huge downward spiral. I don’t want to lose the ground I have gained to make someone happy and I know I can exercise starting tomorrow again due to the weather being cooler and my potassium appearing to be more stable again.

So maybe I can make the argument that it it isn’t a good idea at this point.  So here is to not worrying about it the rest of tonight.

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