Swedish Proverb 1.3


Everyone needs someone to love them…a partner, a friend, etc.  I grew up feeling unlovable. I was the third of three girls and my father came home from the hospital the night I was born and sat down and told my maternal grandmother in a despondent voice “it’s another girl.”  I, also, came home from the hospital before my mother who was sick when I was born and I felt my father blamed me for my mother’s illness.  Add on top, I was the only blond and blue eyed girl in my family and my older sisters would tell me that I was adopted all the time.  Add on top of these things the trauma I experienced as a child and I thought I was unlovable.

I remember the first person who I actually felt loved by and when that person left my life, I was depressed and despondent.  I couldn’t tell them the damage did by simply walking out of my life without telling me why.  I know now they were incapable of doing so for their own issues but it left a wound that was deep and has never fully healed.

I wish I could provide love for all who feel unlovable and unworthy but I have limited energy and resources.  I feel called to do share with those I can and pay forward what was given to me.

“To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.” Dr. Seuss


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