I sat in large group at group tonight and the room began to swirl

I tried to close my eyes and just listen but I felt awful. I realized I forgot to take my large dose of potassium today and yesterday. Sometimes I wonder where my brain is at. It hasn’t helped with the heat index being so high.

I luckily had chose to eat before group but it cannot make up for the amount of potassium that I missed the last couple of days. I wish I could have a time turner like Hermione had in Harry Potter and the Prisoner From Azkhaban. There would be so many things that I would do over. Taking potassium to stay out of the E.R. would be nice but way down on my list.

People aske if I would change the situation I grre up in sometimes I if they know the whole story. There are some parts I would like to have omitted but I know that those experiences have shaped who I and how I respond to others. I amore empathetic because of them.

My physical health on the other hand, I would change in a heartbeat. I hate going to the doctor and giving an answer for abuse that was done to me when it shows up on x-rays,etc. I don’t like those scenarios and I hate asking for help.

I fear that about tonight.

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