Update on Medication Reaction

I thought I would take a sec to update people on my reaction to my infusion yesterday.  The nurse spoke with me today and explained that the swelling in my elbow and arm around where I had my i.v. yesterday was caused by the medication building up in that joint.  The swelling has gone down quite a bit with some pools of fluid still in the tissue in the arm moving towards my hand.  The nurse was more concerned that it had become red and inflamed around the i.v. site yesterday.  It was better earlier today.  Some of the redness is returning tonight but I was out and about for awhile this afternoon instead of resting, putting ice on it, compression (not doing this), and elevating it (R.I.C.E.)

I felt a little bad when my friend first arrived at my house to spend time together today.  Shortly after she arrived I fell asleep for a short while.  These IVIG infusions generally kick my butt for a day or two and sometimes leave me feeling like I have the flu until I absorb the medicine into my system.  She was great about it and after I woke back up and had some coffee in the midst of our heat wave and remembered to take a med that I had forgotten that afternoon, I started to perk up and interact.  The heat though is stifling here today with the temp in the high 90’s and the heat index around the same.

So even though my arm is still a little painful, it appears that it should be getting better as the medication absorbs itself into my system.



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