Entering the 21st Century


I finally am starting to enter the 21st Century…I went today and upgraded my dumb phone to a smart phone.  I cannot tell you how much teasing that I have gotten over the past few years for not upgrading my phone sooner.  I am not a technology wizard.  It took everything for me not to screw up this blog in the last week.

My dumb phone was dropped into a mud puddle last week and needed to go into a short stay rehab before I could use it for calls again.  Today on the way to my therapy appt it went into cardiac arrest and barely made it through CPR. I finally went to the cell phone carrier and asked to see my options after I took care of a few necessary options after my therapy appt this afternoon.

I came home with a new smart phone that I am still trying to figure out how to answer.  I have learned to call out, move my contacts over from a blue tooth download (this is a pain), send out text messages and access Gmail. So tomorrow will be a day that I spend learning- I’m tied to an i.v. pole for about 5 hours so it is a good time to learn and/or blog.

This will make it much easier to blog and update you throughout my day without being tied to me computer.  I am pretty excited about it.


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