Sometimes I don’t always feel like the brightest crayon in the box. I didn’t realize until therapy today how much had happened during the last seven days.  As I sat and explained my week to my therapist and all of the events that had occurred.  It took me talking about event after event to realize how many things had happened and that I was actually coping fairly well through all the triggers.  I told my therapist that I was blogging and explained the blog and what I was including in the posts.  I gave her the web address so she could check it out herself and see what I am doing.

My therapist asked me about how I was sleeping this week.  I think my mood was more elevated than it’s been in the last several weeks. I had to admit that I had only slept one night in my bed and that the rest of the week I had slept in my living room for only about 4-6 hours a night.     Anything is better than where my mood was at before…

So I am feeling like the dullest crayon in the box tonight that I didn’t catch on sooner…

5 thoughts on “Awareness

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