Hope Homework


My therapist last week gave me an assignment to find one thing a day to find hope in.  I’ll admit I have been schittering and not writing down my homework in my therapy journal.  The blog has enabled me to find hope each day as I attempt to have a positive impact on at least one person’s life even if it is my own.

Each day since I started the blog, with maybe the exception of yesterday afternoon and evening, I have felt better.  I enjoy writing.  I am able to express things in writing that I would never be able to share verbally with someone.  I feel like a weight has slowly started to lift off of my shoulders.

There is a quote I wrote down last week and that quote was:  “Hope is not pretending that troubles do not exist. It is the hope that they won’t last forever. That hurts will be healed and difficulties overcome.  That we will be led of out the darkness and into the sunshine.” (Author unknown.  Posted on Pinterest.)  I go back to this quote repeatedly to remind myself that I don’t have to write the perfect blog posting or be “Polished and Shined and Everything’s Fine” on my blog just because I am a social worker.  I am like a piece of stained glass:  lots of broken pieces held together by a spirit of resiliency to make me who I am today.  That person is creative, humorous, loyal, loving, intelligent,  and a slew of other things as well as a host of negative traits that I am working to overcome in therapy and through self-introspection.

My hope today is that I will have a few comments on my blogs.  I would like the feedback.


3 thoughts on “Hope Homework

    1. Thanks for sharing Ashley. I wasn’t entirely sure how I would feel before I started blogging but I have had several people around comment on the change they’ve seen in me in the last week. That feels good. Once they started to comment, I was able to reflect and realize I was feeling better, much better. Wendy

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