Wide awake and Al

It is after midnight here and I am still awake.  Maybe a little hypervigilant after everything that happened today with my neighbor.  I am still afraid that he will come over here and try to start some crap if I take my meds and am too out of it to respond quickly.  I just don’t trust this man.  I have had to involve the police in the past.  So why did I just try to smash a buzzing bee?  Because I made an ethical and professional obligation and I feel morally so strong that what he was doing was wrong and damaging to his children.

So I just took my meds and will trust “Al” (my dog- short for Alcoholic since he can’t hold his licker) to hear anyone outside my windows.

Al is a special needs dog without being a special needs dog.  The Maltese part of him makes him want to heal wherever I am hurting whether it is physical pain or emotional.  I found this out after a car accident when he kept trying to crawl into my arm’s afterwards and lay near my chest and collar board.   Malteses, my friends later explained, are known for this innate quality of healing and laying on their owners where hurt or upset.  When I have night terrors, he will usually wake me up by approaching me slowly.  When I am depressed and lay down for a nap, he will lay from my hip to my shoulder and then place his head down towards my neck and head.  He lays whether I am hurt or hurting physically at times. When I have a once a month infusion and the nurses go to put the i.v. in he usually goes nose to needle until I pull him back.  Once the i.v. is in he chooses to lay on top of the i.v. while it is running.  I’m sure that many people would find Al a bit annoying but he has so many enduring qualities that it is hard not to love him.


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