Mud: My morning essential.


Mud…Mine and my friends name for coffee that I make due to the fact that because my Scandinavian background I am used to making coffee strong enough to keep the spoon standing up unassisted.  I am used to it being this strong and I learned to drink from my grandparents and mother with coffee and creamer.  Coffee brewing first thing in the morning is one of my favorite smells.  I spent my first five years living mostly with my grandparents because my mother was either too ill or too stoned on Valium to care for me.  I remember as a little girl waking up to that smell each day because my grandfather was up at 5:30 like clockwork every day and he made it first thing.  I would sneak drinks when I was little and was allowed to finally start drinking it when I was in high school.  i think that my mom thought it was a lost cause to continue to fight that battle.

I know that drinking caffeine is always discouraged by the psychiatrists because it is supposed to interfere with your psychotropic medications.  However, I have drank it throughout my day all day for a long time and still sleep lately with my meds most of the time (at least since being on my most recent combo of meds).  I usually don’t drink coffee though after a certain point in the afternoon because it used to keep me awake.  Now a days I am able to fall asleep at least with my meds for at least a couple of hours unless triggered by some past traumatic event and having body memories or flash back backs or night mares.  I have a hard time getting after my clients on the caffeine issue when I drink so much of it.  “Hello Pot. My name is Kettle.”  I hate being a hypocrite.

So I sit with my large cup of mud, enjoying the morning.  Hope you are, too!



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