And one more time


If you see the picture you know where I slept last night.  That’s right, in my chair…in the living room…I’m too old for this and it’s my own fault.  I oughta just move my pillow and blanket out here from my bedroom.  I meant while this is an oversized armchair, it does actually recline 2/3 to 3/4’s of the way down and allows you to put your feet up. The problem is I fall asleep before I put it in that position so I fall asleep in it like a slumped over teddy bear and wake up like an old middle age adult with stiff joints and muscles. Because it is an oversized armchair, Al is able to snuggle in if the feet are up for me which I usually try to do to give more space. But he is still a butt hugger kind of dog who wants to touch you  for security sake and last night someone in my neighbor was letting off fireworks of which Al is NOT a fan and then we had thunderstorms for awhile.

One of these days, I am going to return to my bed which I love…and it may be for a nap this afternoon.  Sleeping from 2 to 6:46 was not enough for me.  I need to get closer to 7 hours a night to be healthy.


Pic by Pixaby

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