Sleep, meds and discomfort.


The picture above is a pretty accurate picture of me lately.  Three of the last seven nights I have fallen asleep in my chair in the living room.

It is really my own fault for taking my meds and then trying to be online after I took them for different reasons.   For anyone who has ever taken certain psychotropic meds, they can kick your butt and I have a long history of not sleeping and getting hypomanic to manic or in mixed states because of it so I take meds that make me sleep.  So after I take them I have a 1/2 hour to hour window now before I am snoozing no matter where I am at.  So since Friday I have now spent 3 nights in my chair sleeping.  It is definitely not as comfortable as my bed and I wake up sore from sleeping in funky positions in my arm chair.

So tonight my goal is to sleep in my bed after reading myself to sleep.  Being a person with trauma issues, I frequently end up sleeping with the light on in my bedroom.  I used to think this was immature and childish but since being in some support groups, I’ve learned that this is not as uncommon as I thought it was.  Sometimes we are able to extend more grace to others than we are ourselves.

So here’s to sleeping on a mattress tonight.




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