Chaotic Day

Today is one of those days that you have so many things to accomplish in the afternoon that you don’t know how to squeeze everything in.  I have an appointment with my insurance company to get medical case management from them for a hour this afternoon, a hour appointment w/the dietician, am supposed to complete labs from my primary doc and the nephrologist (kidney specialist), and need to stop by the psychiatrist’s office and all these appt’s are about 15 to 20 miles away from my home and then I go to the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) support group tonight so I don’t normally come back home after all these appt’s in between.  I’m worried that I won’t have time between my appt w/ my insurance and the dietician to get my labs done so I need to go in earlier to complete my labs.   How I will stop at the psychiatrist’s office is still up for debate.

So if you see me running like a chicken with it’s head chopped off, you’ll know why.  I think that the only way to do this day is to attack it head on and pray I accomplish everything possible.


2 thoughts on “Chaotic Day

  1. My wife has a lot of days like this. Back to back appointments. Sometimes we have to go to the hospital to see different specialists and its 50 miles away! Stressful.


    1. Luckily I have a dog sitter for Al so it is one less worry and I can hang out with friends after I finish with all of my appts and wait for the support group meeting to start. It will work out but I hate feeling rushed. It truly is stressful.


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