I just woke up after sleeping nearly 10 hours.  I feel like I could take a nap already.  My dog though disagrees.

I go long periods without much sleep due being in mixed state episodes and trauma issues. When I was in the hospital recently the decided to take me off of a med  which my Psych Doc has prescribed since I sleep walk and have a hx of doing things I don’t remember while sleep walking like punching my chest of drawers, etc.  My dog who we will loving refer to as “Al” short for Alcoholic since he can’t hold his licker (not his real name btw) tries to wake me up usually but doesn’t always succeed and then if a later lay down he usually just lays on me.  He’s not a service animal-the Jack Russell makes that thought very questionable.  Anyways, I didn’t make it very long without for sleep walking/night terrors.  I was sleeping walking when my friend spent the night and later woke up with my hand all bruised and swollen only a few days after discharge.  I tried to warn them.

Sleep is such a delicate balance in dealing with bipolar disorder and made even more complicated when you add PTSD issues on top of that.  I have the as needed dose of Zyprexa Zydis to take when struggling to sleep but I usually get more energy from not sleeping and this pattern just feeds on itself until I am either willing to take the Zydis (it is a dissolvable under the tongue type of Zyprexa) or starting to get more and more manic and my treatment team says something to me about the behaviors they are seeing or hearing about…excessive spending for me (I’m generally a tight wad), hypersexuality, irrational thinking, talking in circular and pressured speech, and eating and sleeping less and less.  Then comes a crash and ALL you want to do is sleep.  Pull the covers over your head and sleep as you can and hope the world doesn’t notice.  That’s why it is so important to try to sleep 6-8 hours every night for me and lately I haven’t been getting it.  taking the Zydis leaves me feeling hung over over and groggy all morning recently.  It’s efficacy goes down 40% for smokers and I have been trying to quit.  Since I am smoking less the Zydis is kicking my butt when I take it.  If I ever figure out how to balance the sleep thing, you might see my name in contention for a Nobel Prize. Just saying…this is a major issue for all of my friends with Bipolar Polar Disorder.

So I missed getting up to do my 24 hour urine test.  (Sleep was more imortant.)


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