Carrie Fisher

“I’m very very sane about how crazy I am.”  Carrie Fisher

The above quote I learned from my friend who is a huge Carrier Fisher fan.  I will surprise most of you when I say I have never seen the original Star Wars movie in its entirety.  I just have never been into movies involving space and science fiction.  The little I knew of Carrie Fisher came from her interview with Bipolar Magazine and other interviews she had done on Bipolar Disorder.  My friend was amazed that I, a massive bookworm, had never read any of her books.  Until now.

I am nearly finished with Wishful Drinking.  I find it humorous, refreshing, and brutally honest. It has made me laugh at a time that has been short on belly laughs and out loud laughter.  While I have not been user of drugs, I have used my share of alcohol until about 10 and 1/2 years ago when manic, I can relate to her substance abuse.  (Now I realize that it is too dangerous to drink too much on my meds and because of my social work license and for other reasons related to my trauma hx. 12 steps programs are an awesome thing.)  I find myself struggling to put the book down when I should be doing other things.

I already started Postcards From The Edge and have checked out The Princess Diarist, and Delusions From Grandma.  I have a book of quotes in which I put the quotes with my artwork around the quotes I enter into it.  I have a feeling that it is going to get filled with a lot of quotes from Carrie Fisher’s books as I continue to read.  I keep shoving bookmarks in the pages for quotes I want to put in my quote book.  (I have a pet peeve about dog earing books…)

So you might be seeing a lot more Carrie Fisher quotes in the future.  Fair warning.

And just so you know…Star Wars is on t.v. today.  Their running a movie marathon.  Guess what’s playing in the background? =)



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