Waiting is not always my strong suit.  Waiting for my dad to get here.  I was up all night learning how to create a blog.  (A little manic and a whole lot of anxiety over seeing my dad).

I should be finishing up dishing or trying to eat a little bit more.  I got a banana down already.  My electrolytes are low, especially potassium, and I am supposed to have my labs rechecked on Monday before I see the dietician who I am seeing to hold me accountable, work on meal prep and weight management.  Last year I lost 45 lbs mostly due to an extreme depressive episode.  I was in the psych hospital for two admission -each 22 days with only 14 days in between and I had to do their eating disorders protocol which meant eating six times a day and I quickly put on 25 lbs. and then gained another 10 over time.  Since I started having health issues in May, I have lost 22 lbs.  So in order to appease my primary care physician, I made the appointment with the dietician before I had my last appointment with her this past week.  I am horrible at eating three times per day. My first appt with the dietician she had all of her fake food out on the table to show me portion sizes and I was WAY too overwhelmed by it. I didn’t realize how much I had started restricting my eating this past month.

They are here.  More later on how the day went.

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