Hi.  My name is Wendy.  I am a 49 year old social worker living in West Michigan.  I have been diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder and PTSD and had been in recovery for an eating disorder with a recent relapse.

I am currently single, living alone with my dog who is a Jack Russell Terrier/Maltese Mix and who I love dearly.  I have worked in the mental health field for almost 30 years now with just about every population possible and in a variety of settings.  I am currently a Case Manager for the mentally ill and that is all I feel comfortable sharing.

I, also, have a bunch of medical issues going on right now that I am trying to deal with. Some are old hat and par for the course.  Some are new and scary.  More later on that.

I am worried about today.  My dad is coming to help me around the yard and to visit.  He is part of the reason I have PTSD.  He is very controlling and sometimes very difficult to be around.  I have been struggling lately and he could potentially add to those struggles today.    I will hope for the best though.  Maybe we will just get the yard work done and have a nice visit.  I just wish it didn’t include food and going out to eat.  Food has been a battle lately as I just lost a lot of weight this past month due to health reasons which triggered restricting and exercising that is not healthy right now.  I wish I could go out to eat today without looking at the menu and to look for the lowest calorie items on the menu but I know I will.  I have been for the last few weeks.  Eating disorder relapses are the worst I think.

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5 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. Hi Wendy! Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to read more from you.
    If ever you need advice or want to talk about food and eating or just anything in general, don’t be a stranger!

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